ProTrans cell therapy to be granted patent protection beyond Europe

August 25, 2022

NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that the Japan Patent Office (JPO) has issued a notice of allowance relating to the patent entitled "Allogeneic Composition" (publication number JP2020543858A). The patent describes the method of manufacturing the drug candidate ProTrans, where the selection algorithm is key for selecting optimal cells and donors.  Patent protection is valid until 2039.

The selection algorithm consists of a method for selecting cells with a suitable immunomodulatory effect that are assessed by a panel of different analyses. The algorithm makes an overall assessment of several functional analyses to identify optimal donors and cells for the manufacture of cell therapies. NextCell's accurate and advanced selection method has a scalable capability and guarantees high reproducibility and efficacy compared to other applications in cell therapy. The careful selection method results in consistently high-quality cells and hence a strong safety profile with few side effects.


"Japan is leading the cell therapy and stem cells field, thus protection in this region is important." says CEO Mathias Svahn.


ProTrans is NextCell's first drug candidate based on the selection algorithm. It is an allogeneic cell therapy which means that donated cells, not the patient's own, are used.  The cells are extracted from donated umbilical cord tissue and the cells are then multiplied to generate large amounts of cells.


Clinical trials in type-1 diabetes have shown promising results for ProTrans to stop the course of the disease for 1 year in adult patients, potentially longer. Ongoing trials are now evaluating efficacy in adolescents and children newly diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. In addition, clinical trials are ongoing with patients with severe pneumonia due to COVID-19 infection, in Sweden and Canada.

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About NextCell Pharma AB

NextCell is a phase II cell therapy company with the drug candidate ProTrans for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The focus is to take ProTrans to market approval via a Phase III study. ProTrans is in addition to diabetes, used in two clinical trials for Covid-19, in Örebro and Montreal (Canada). The company is in the processes of establishing its own GMP facility for production of ProTrans. The GMP facility is expected to be ready for production of smaller quantities of ProTrans in 2023. NextCell furthermore owns 10% in FamicordTX, a CAR-T start-up in oncology and 100 % of Cellaviva, Scandinavia's largest stem cell bank for family saving stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue with permission from the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO).
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NextCell publishes its Interim Report 2 2023/2024
NextCell Pharma AB (publ) (NXTCL or NextCell) publishes its Interim Report 2 for the period September 1, 2023 – Februari 29, 2024. The report is available on the company’s website: NextCells share is traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the ticker "NXTCL". The amount in brackets refers to the corresponding period in the previous year.
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Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in NextCell Pharma AB (publ)
The shareholders of NextCell Pharma AB (publ), Reg. No. 556965-8361 (”NextCell” or the ”company”), are hereby summoned to an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday, 27 May 2024, 10:00 CEST, in the Novum building, floor 6 (elevator E), Hälsovägen 7, SE-141 57 Huddinge, Sweden.
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The Board of Directors of NextCell resolves on a rights issue of units of approximately SEK 40.1 million, subject to approval by an Extraordinary General Meeting
THIS PRESS RELEASE MAY NOT BE RELEASED, PUBLISHED OR DISTRIBUTED, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH KOREA, SWITZERLAND, CANADA, HONG KONG, BELARUS, RUSSIA OR IN ANY OTHER JURISDICTION WHERE SUCH RELEASE, PUBLISHING OR DISTRIBUTION OF THIS PRESS RELEASE WOULD BE UNLAWFUL OR REQUIRE REGISTATION OR OTHER MEASURES IN ADDITION TO THOSE REQUIRED BY SWEDISH LAW. SEE SECTION ”IMPORTANT INFORMATION” AT THE END OF THIS PRESS RELEASE. The Board of Directors of NextCell Pharma AB (publ) (”NextCell” or the ”Company”) has today, subject to subsequent approval by an Extraordinary General Meeting in the Company on 27 May 2024, resolved on a new issue of no more than 37,817,475 units, with preferential rights for existing shareholders, of approximately SEK 40.1 million (the ”Rights Issue”). Each unit consists of one (1) share and one (1) warrant of series TO2 free of charge. Upon full exercise of the warrants, the Company may receive an additional of up to approximately SEK 113.5 million before deduction of issue costs, provided full subscription of the Rights Issue. The Rights Issue is covered to approximately 80 percent by guarantee commitments and subscription undertakings as well as declarations of intent, corresponding to approximately SEK 32.1 million. The purpose of the Rights Issue is primarily to provide the Company with additional capital to enable an out-licensing of the Company’s drug candidate ProTrans™ for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.
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NextCell’s daughter company Cellaviva granted permission to handle amniotic tissue
NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) has granted their Cellaviva tissue establishment permission to handle amniotic tissue. Cellaviva is the largest private stem cell bank in the Nordics. Since the launch of the cord blood bank in 2014, the company has increased the business model to include genetic tests and tissue handling services for biotech companies and hospitals.
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Anders Essen-Möller resigns as Chairman of the Board of Directors due to health reasons
NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that its long-time Chairman of the Board, Anders Essen-Möller, after ten years of dedicated leadership, will step down from his role on May 20th, 2024 due to health reasons. Anders has been a central figure in NextCell's journey since 2014 when the Company was founded by Diamyd Medical AB together with board members Hans-Peter Ekre and Edvard Smith, as well as CEO Mathias Svahn and Lena Wikingsson.
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The Swedish Medical Products Agency approves subgroup analysis in NextCell's ProTrans-Young study
NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that the Swedish Medical Products Agency has approved an application to conduct a subgroup analysis of the treatment effect of ProTrans in 30 adolescents in the age group 12-21 years, treated in the ProTrans-Young study. Principal Investigator Professor Per-Ola Carlsson and his team treated the last patient in the age group in February 2024. The approval for the subgroup analysis by the Swedish Medical Products Agency means that the primary efficacy endpoint readout is available after 12 months. The primary efficacy endpoint is measured as a difference in endogenous insulin production comparing ProTrans and placebo-treated patients one year after treatment. Results from the subgroup analysis are planned to be presented in the second quarter of 2025.
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NextCell establishes QVance to meet the Nordic’s need for quality analytics
NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that it has formed a subsidiary company specialising in quality control analytics. QVance’s launch is a strategic addition for NextCell as the company grows its presence in the advanced therapy market. QVance will specialise in quality analyses for advanced therapeutic companies, including NextCell, in the growing cell and gene therapy market. QVance will address a large gap in the Nordic region, where there is a significant lack of local providers in this area.
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NextCell Pharma’s updated growth strategy
NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell" or the "Company") today announces that the Company has decided to implement strategic changes. The new strategic direction means, amongst other things, that Cellaviva will become a wholly owned subsidiary and that the company's GMP facility will have new sources of revenue. The strategic changes will also result in cost savings as a result of staff reduction.
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